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What wheels will fit mt Bond equipe ?


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Hi have a look here
This isnt exactly what you are asking but does cover the issue


And if you cant be bothered here it is

The wheels have a PCD of 95.25mm (old imperial 3 3/4 inch PCD) originally designed for a 13" rim, although the PCD's are the same the offsets will vary.

Rover 100 4 x 95.25
Rover 114 4 x 95.25
Rover 214 4 x 95.25
Rover 220 4 x 95.25
Rover 416 4 x 95.25
Rover 420 4 x 95.25
Austin/MG Maestro 4 x 95.25
Austin/MG Montego 4 x 95.25
Triumph Acclaim 4 x 95.25
Triumph TR 6, 7 4 x 95.25
Triumph Spitfire 4 x 95.25
Triumph GT6 4 x 95.25
Triumph Herald 4 x 95.25
Triumph Vitesse 4 x 95.25
Triumph Dolomite 4 x 95.25 (not the Sprint apparently)
MG TF 4 x 95.25
MGF 4 x 95.25
Some early Lotus's with BL running gear (MGF based Elise)

The following info is from Beans (well known forum member and blogger) - link to his blog here

The PCD and centre bore on MGF wheels is the same as TR7.
ET/offset isn't. ET for TR7 is 25mm, for the MGF it's 30-36mm depending on the model.
So the MGF wheel will narrow your track slightly by 10-22mm.
And yes MGF wheels are used on TR7's.

From the TR Register Site - link here

Q: What after market Alloy wheels will fit my TR7/8?
A: There are a number of considerations. The Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD), which is the distance between the centres of the opposite studs (on a 4-stud wheel), must be 95.25mm (3.75") for the wheels to fit onto the studs. The offset (usually marked on the wheel as "ET") is 25mm for TR7 wheels. It is possible to fit wheels with a smaller offset but spacers may be required (e.g. MGF wheels which have an ET20 offset). Montego/Maestro alloy wheels will also fit. The wheels are located on the centre hub, and NOT by the wheel nuts. Hence the diameter of the centre hole is also important. Many replacement wheel manufacturers can use an adapter to vary the diameter of the locating hole. Diameter: 14", 15", 16" and 17" diameter wheels can fitted (although standard TR7 alloys are only 13"). Width: 6" or 6.5" wheels are often fitted, but there can be wheel arch clearance problems with 7" ones

Though I would be a bit dubious about the Triumph Acclaim


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List is NOT correct.
TR6 is different as Alex says
Rover 200 and 400 series are different
Pretty sure the Acclaim is different (it's a Honda really)

Dolomite Sprint wheels DO fit - or at least the PCD is correct - the offset is a problem though - with any Dolomite wheel in fact
Morris Marina IS the same.

Be careful with Lotii.  Some are indeed the same - and some are not.  The Elise is are correctly stated (uses MGF/R100 hubs and bearings!) as is quite a bit of the earlier stuff but alot of the stuff in the middle is same as big Triumph stuff.

Also, most Triumphs are lug-centric rather than hub centric though the TR7 may be an exception.


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