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Clutch needed!


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Evening all,

Well it has finally hit me that in less then 4 months I shall be undertaking my first RBRR!  I have been ticking off jobs on my long long list, however last weekend a new job was added when I felt the clutch slip.

My car is quite heavily modified, but running a standard clutch, so I want to fit a new uprated clutch plate and spring.  Can anyone advise of a decent brand and a retailer from where I can get something suitable?  I haven't really found Google to be of much help.  



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Hi Paul,


When you say modified, has it much more power?

If so I would go for a AP clutch, but not sure where to source one? Dave Harvey the 2000 Register guru could help you, Dave is doing the RBRR, so I am sure would be keen. I believe he has one in his fast 2.5Pi.


My GT6 is running a std clutch and whilst not heavily modified has more power than normal, no issues at all. Has the gearbox got a 1850 input shaft? If not then look at the Chris Witor site. Make sure you do not buy a 3 rivet clutch, you want a 16 rivet item

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Hi Tim and thanks for the response.  I dont actually know the power output of my car, its bored out to 2.2l has mikuni carbs neuman ph2 cam, flowed head and electronic ignition.  It drives really nicely and feels quite torquey - the clutch was an (now obvious) oversight!

I'll contact Dave Harvey and see if he can help with an AP item.  I managed to find a product by a company called 'Black Diamond'  https://www.dcperformance.co.uk/uprated/black-diamond-stage-2-kevlar-clutch-kits/triumph/gt6.html but before spending my money I thought I'd get some advice form people with experience.



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Hello George,

I believe the 3 or 16 rivets refers to the number of rivets used to fix the friction material to the clutch plate.  There have been issues with the 3 rivet item disintegrating, so Tim is advising to make sure I get a 16 rivet plate - at least this is my take on his advice.


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Thanks Paul, just checked my clutch plate , it has 16 rivets but no makers name, and looked at my old unit thats a BW unit also 16 rivets, pardon my french but how the hell is THREE rivets supposed to hold it in place.

of course in the olden days we could have posted photo's

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The 3 rivet {which are actually stop pins} are present on both clutches. The 16 rivets hold the individual 8 segments to the adapter plate, the clutch on the left is a monodisc driven plate with all 8 cushion ramps made out of one piece and is more expensive in tooling but quicker make especially assemble. They still have the same facing rivets that hold the facing to the segments or mono disc and they still have the same 3 stop pins holding the disc adapter and retaining plate together

Most of our monodisc tooling is now in the bin as production runs are too short. Most driven plates that were OE by ourselves are either made in Italy or India depending on the part number.

Ps the stop pins have 2 roles, one ,to hold the whole assembly together and two, to stop the rotation once the springs reach their design load.

I made a couple of plates for my Herald myself before the tooling was shipped out.


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