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Hi, I'm currently stripping the engine on my 1970 13/60. Apart from the appalling quantity of gunge I found in the sump from lack of maintenance,
I noticed that the oil pump has no strainer on it(scared) (no does it look like it ever has had).
I am fairly certain that the engine has not been rebuilt previously. Is this normal?

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I dont know about the herald but my Vitesse had the original pump without stainer. Any large debris was stopped by a screen fitted over the top of the sump however Ive now fitted the newer larger capacity pump which does come with its own built in strainer. In one way the original system might be better as the screen has a much larger surface area than a pump one so could be less prone to becoming blocked over time.....

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Ahhhh, does it look like there was a screen at one time? Mine was held in place by small metal fingers that are part of the sump so maybe you can see these still?
I wouldnt have said its critical as its only to stop fairly large items which shouldnt be there anyway but hopefully a Herald expert will be along soon....

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