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Wrong water pump?


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Whilst trying to reduce the number of niggles on my Herald, I've come across a problem that I could do with a little advice on.  I've got a GE-series engine in the 13/60 with an alternator conversion which was done by a previous owner.  However, there's a definite alignment offset between the water pump and alternator pulleys, causing noises and probable premature fanbelt wear which I'd like to sort out.  My first thought was that the alternator was set too far forward, but a straight edge against the pulley aligns perfectly with the crank pulley.  A similar check from water pump to crank pulley is starting to suggest it's the water pump pulley that's too close to the engine by about 10mm.

I've had a good look at part numbers on the web and there's definitely not a single pump for all Triumphs, so what's the chance that somebody fitted the wrong one at some point?  Without dismantling things (on the drive in this weather?), I can't see any part numbers on the pump, but I measured the gap from the rear of the pulley to the front of the pump housing where the gasket sits and got about 35mm.  Does anybody else have the correct pump (GWP200 according to Rimmers) and could measure the same gap for me please?


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There are different pumps. I'm not sure how it affects how far the pulley sits away from the engine though. The only difference I was aware of was the size of the pulley itself - big pulley for a big-crank engine. What size nut to you have on your pulley? That'll help find the correct pump for it.

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I found a spare 5 minutes so went out with a torch between my teeth to check.  The pump pulley nut is 1/2" AF and the pulley itself is about 4", possibly up to 4 1/4".  Does that sound right?

Bill - yes, it has a fan attached with two of the four bolts.  I'm thinking the fan's not quite right either as it's a 7-blade plastic one and the holes on it are at 90 degrees to each other, but the pulley has two pairs closer to each other as expected.

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