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Herald 13/60 camshaft


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The camshaft on my GE engine herald 13/60 is worn so  im going to replace it with a spitfire mk3 profile one.  I have been told that the spitfire profile large journal cam that canleys sell will not fit a GE 13/60 so is it possible to fit cam bearings into the block so I can run a standard mk3 spitfire cam?
Cheers Andy

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It's easy on the 4 pot.

The vast majority of them run without cam bearings with large journal camshafts.  The only exceptions to this (AFAIK) are the Mk3 Spitfire and 1300TC FWD. These have bearing shells and small journal camshafts.  However the block itself is bored exactly the same size as all the others.

This means that if you want to run the Mk3 profile you can either:
Fit the bearing shells (they just tap in to the standard block - no machining) and use a Mk3, small journal cam.
Buy a cam with the Mk3 profile ground onto a big journal cam.  Canley do them I think (certainly used to - I bought one once).


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