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Crank resistance


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How much resistance should I be getting when turning the crank on a GT6 engine?
Plugs are all out (so no compression), and no clutch / gearbox attached to the flywheel.

I'm trying to turn it over using an old starter and battery (well, one of those jump start packs), but although it just about spins, it's not as quick as it would need to be in order to start, and the battery discharges after four or five spins. I suspect that either the starter or the battery are on the way out (or both), but just wanted to check how easily it should turn, as there's a fair amount of resistance when I try to turn it by hand (ie it takes both hands on the crank pulley, and even then it's not exactly easy).

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It's a bit subjective to say how hard it should be to turn the engine.
Most important is that there should be no glitches -it should be a smooth push all the way around.

If your battery is a jump start pack, they aren't as good as a proper, fully charged car battery, IMHO.
Only for emergencies.
If you have jump leads, try with them from a running modern car.
But take care putting the lead on and off the modern.
It is possible to screw up immobilisers and alarms!
Put the earth, negative lead onto the modern somewhere other than the battery post itself.

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Yeah, I was a bit concerned about all the electronic jiggery pokery in the moderns - even the in wife's relatively unsophisticated Focus.

Will see if I can get hold of a decent spare battery and give it a go - at least I should know then if it spins at a decent speed.

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