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Carb rebuild kit size CD150? help!!


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someones talking crap. OK so sorry to be bleeding you guys for help again but I have a Carb problem

I have a GT6 with zenith CD150 stromberg's the standard carbs for this car. I ordered 2 rebuild kits for them.

I was supplied with the CDRX93 kit, among others things the disc and diaphragm are to large, Ive spoken to Zenith and checked on their website, the kit is for the 175 not the 150 and it simply won't fit, Ive been told by Rimmer brothers the it does indeed fit some or the CD150" and I need to supply the number on the metal tag on the carb. CD150 is 1&1/2 inch and CD175 is for 1&3/4 inch bore.
its my first project so go easy on my and I wrong??? its doing my nut in and they still haven't agreed to replace the kits supplied,

What gives????
kind regards

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You are right as they are completely different sizes and although some components may be interchangeable the diaphragms and discs are definitely not. The GT6 was never fitted with 1.75 carbs although it can be an aftermarket modification. Stick with it as these things are sent to try us but maybe not use that supplier in future (although they all seem to have hiccups from time to time).
A carb rebuild can be one of the most effective jobs to do - Ive just put new spindles in mine and the engine has never run so smooooooth!

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well Ive sent them all the proof again, if they don't admit to their mistake and send the parts I paid for I will never buy from them again, Im Irish so Im born stubborn and  when I say that I mean it.  
Than I'll post the details here so you can all see their rather mis informed responses. its a lot easier when they just say yes sorry we made an error and we will of course send the correct parts to you immediately.
       Good Customer services is almost dead these days.


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