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I need to gease up the clutch release bearing carrier to stop my clutch pedal judder,so do I remove the engine or gearbox  >:(
One or the other has to depart from the car !
I do have a "pi cam" to fit and possibly a knackered cam follower to sort out  :-/
Logic would dictate the engine is the obvious choice, but with very limited funds at the moment I was hoping to avoid the expense of an engine rebuild for now.
I'm hoping to start the job tomorrow(Monday) as I have just found out that I have a day or maybe two days with no work.
I can get an engine hoist so is engine removal a one man job as I'd imagine the gearbox is a two man job.
What would you do ?

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Gearbox is a one man job.

You need a good trolley jack to lower the box & lift it back into place.

Also a long extension bar to get to the engine gearbox nuts. A air wrench makes life easier doing this. You might need to remove the exhaust mid section.

Propshaft off, gear stick off, remove gearbox X-member and lower box. Engine will sit with the sump against the suspension X-member. Then undo the engine/gearbox bolts and slide box down and out on the jack.

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Hope for your sake it's not an o/d box-------they're bloody heavy but I have removed/replaced them many times by myself in several cars. Agree about the trolley jack, I've also made a bit of a cradle with a couple of vee shaped angle irons to sit on top of the jack, makes it quite steady.

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