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Chrome Strip Sealant

Nick Jackson (2)

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Here's my PI starting it's annual tidy-up.  Stripped ready for a repair to the top panel damage that I managed to do earlier this year.  While I'm at it, I'm going to get the front end resprayed and the inside of the front bumper de-rusted.  

A couple of points:-

what's the best rust prevention solution for the chrome strips?  Is it best to put some sort of sealant into the strips/horshoes before pushing onto the front edge?

while the headlights are out, what's the best upgrade option? I want to get better light coverage but may be I can do that by just changing the bulbs rather than the whole light fittings?


Nick J.

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Hi Nick,

Run a bead of flexible black auto body sealant to where the spot welded part meets the upper body panels (this reduce the likelyhood of water runnining down the bonnet ending up under the trims, fill the trims with thick waxoyl then fit.  Let the wax dry, then use a white spirit or similar to wipe off any excess.  If your paint is new, suggest leaving a week if poss until it goes properly hard.  Dont seal the underneath edges else any water that may get in can't get out!

Re lights, I have Cibie halogens on my PI (thank's Colin) - even with standard bulbs, they are way superior to sealed beams and even Stag halogens.  They are not cheap but well worth it.  I had intended fitted extra driving lights - but found I had no need!



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I got mine from the TSSC Shop in the pre-Xmas discount sale, and didn't pay p&p either.

I have since found a couple of places that were a similar price inc p&p

Can't find the links at the moment.

Worth trying a car with them before you go HID. Would be mucho cheapo compared.



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