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17th March 2018 Nacht vh Oosten (Chinese) rally


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It's time to annouce the yet 15th edition of the famous Dutch "Chinese" rally, officialy known as the "Nacht van het Oosten"

The organisation found a whole new area to play around with our cars, this time a bit more south, close to Arnhem. The route is 180km in total, split up in two stages, all presented in tulips, so make sure you have a accurate trip meter! There are two levels of difficulty, touring for those who are fine with tulips, and the more challenging sports class which will also present some regularity, map reading etc.

Like in previous editions, there will be a healthy Chinese buffet before you take off.

All details in short:

When: Saturday 17th of March
Where: Wok Masters Zevenaar (start and finish)
Costs: Entree fee € 27,50 per car
          Buffet € 20,- per person  
          (no payment at the start)

If required I can help finding a hotel, close to start and finish location.

Think that's it. If you are interested in entering, please send me a PM with all details (names, car and registration) and if you would like to do touring or sports.

Kind regards,

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The 16th Nacht van het Oosten (Chinese) rally is being prepared as we speak.  The date is Saturday 16th March 2019.  Start and finish is the same as last year but the restaurant has a new name, Asian Spoon.  Details regarding the times and prices will follow shortly but for now those from last year, as in first post of this thread, can be seen as a guideline and probably won't be much different.

The format will also be the same with a Tour class of tulips with additional controls for those who feel inclined to do a bit more than just tulips and a Sport class with map reading and other forms of route plotting.  

During the closing of edition 2018 the organiser, Rutger aka Rallyman, had stated that he getting too busy with other projects and this one had to make way for others.  He put forward the suggestion that it could possibly picked up by someone else but there were no takers at the time.  Since then my good friend Joop (past participant) and myself have decided to keep the tradition going, or at least give it go anyway.  We will have some support for Rutger but the route itself will be generally our own doing.

Right now I post this in the 2018 edition thread as I cannot seem to post new topics.  Maybe Roger can post a dedicated thread topic for edition 2019?


Cheers and hopefully till March the 16th!  Julian Kuipers

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