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Pivot 4vent window male part on window


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I'm looking for the pivot for the vent window if anyone can point me in the right direction. The one that s mounted on the window has snapped. The one on the frame is fine .
Is there a repair kit ???
I randomly came across a repair kits a year or so ago but can't find anyone that sells them now.
Or is it a case of buying the complete part???


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Quoted from vitessesteve
Is this the part?

Hi all, it's item 20 in the picture , kind of bullet shaped with the pin, mounted to the window that goes onto the door frame ,
That's the part I need .
Hope that helps. Desperately need one . Can imaging riveting it on will be a little tricky bin manigable !
Thanks all hope this makes sense, kind of new to all this and been winging it so far.

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Quoted from byakk0
The one I have is snapped also. The bottom one screws into the frame. I bet you could remove it , then drill out the top one and epoxy in a pin.
...You mentioned hatch spring covers earlier. I make those, if you need one.

I searched forever for the Hatch spring covers then when I eventually found one I found two, I even have a spare now 🙂

desperately need the hinge though, even if I can modify one from another car,

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