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What tool undoes the steering wheel nut?

A TR7 16V

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I removed mine and I used a standard 6 sided socket out of my set. Leave the nut on a couple of threads as you tap the wheel off the shaft or you may end up wearing the steering wheel as it beaks free when you tap it.

1 1/16 " from memory so probably used my 27mm socket as I can't remember digging out my large imperial set.


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The horn connecting piece which prevents the socket being fitted over the locknut is a very loose fit and is lightly pulled out with fingers  - even mine! After that the socket fits on easily. It is not a bad idea to disconnect the battery first to prevent a short circuit.

The real problem after the nut has been loosened is to prise the steering wheel off its splines if it has been on for a long time. There is a special tool but gentle hammering will free it...eventually.

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It was a bit stuck, but it did come out and the socket fitted.

Had to hit the shaft with quite a big hammer to get the wheel off though. Wheel's not great, but the column sheath has all 4 mountings for the column switch. 

Now I need to get at the knuckle down by the steering rack to turn the shaft so the canceller mechanism works better. I also intend to replace that with a UJ, as the rubbers have gone and the replacement flexi ones are rubbish - I had one fail completely while driving.


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