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Do wide tyres stress wheel bearings

daver clasper

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I don't think the wide tyres make much difference to bearing wear on the rear. Hard cornering might, if you make use of the extra grip, but if your driving style doesn't demand wide tyres I don't think the rear bearings will particularly notice.

Front bearings are a different matter. Fatter tyres will increase loads on any steering component, including the bearings. It may not be a significant effect, though.

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I have had 185/60 on the back of the spitfire for 20+ years now. One side is still on the original 50 year old bearings, the other on a set that are probably also 50 years old, but I changed a very slightly bent driveshaft as it was annoying me (from when we go it 25-years ago) so can't be 100% sure of the provenance.

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