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Herald rocker cover compatibility


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Hi everyone,First post and new to all this.....quick backstory of my 1200 herald convertible 1966-I bought her last year as a barn find,she was dormant and off the road for 15 years! Anyway much tears,money and losing my mind later she’s almost done (so I thought and now the head gaskets blown) as it’s the only bit I’ve not replaced or fixed I thought now is the time to also replace the rocker cover- I can’t seem to find what I want aside from the black and chrome on Rimmer bros which is out of stock-is there any others that are compatible from other vehicles? 
it’s driving me crazy not finding what I want! 
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi,from my experience if you just google the part you need a whole host of opportunities present themselves the fun then comes in choosing the appropriate part then convincing the bank manager it makes sense to spend that much! Without prejudice ebay is helpful but buyer beware. Good luck 

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Thanks guys, I’ve looked at spitfire ones too but unfortunately the one I am after/good price isn’t available.
ive found one that’s listed as spitfire/mg midget but as it won’t say herald I’m somewhat confused that there is various spitfire options?Fortunately the bank man is still being kind and although it’s an ongoing restoration hasn’t cost too much thankfully (vs potential anyway 😂) reason for wanting to change the old one is more cosmetic than practicality-whole engine bay has had a re vamp and so the rocker sticks out like a sore thumb with its beaten standard cover which has seen better days

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Hi Kiri. Anything listed for Spitfire & Midget will be compatible with the 1500 Spitfire (late Midgets used same engine), and the rocker cover would also fit your herald. If your old rocker cover isn't too badly distorted, they're quite easy to tidy up though.

Excuse the final colour which is a bit garish (looks better in the flesh), but this refurbishment took me about 4 hours start to finish. A wire wheel on the drill to strip, some white spirit for degreasing, aerosol cans (primer & top coat), plus a hair-dryer to warm up and dry off between coats. Radio on in the background helps the process too, I find.

If you don't fancy that option, I reckon Canley Classics or Moss will have shiny new alloy rocker covers. Me, I prefer the original steel ones. 


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