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My friend his Stag had problems, reverse gear was hard to get into when warm and now everything was hard..
Also a rattle appeared, seems it was the clutch release bearing.

Today he had everything apart.. it wasn't the release bearing, but the gearbox itself 😲
Also found out the threads where stripped in 1 hole of the flywheel.. re-taped that to M8 size and works.

But he's got a new release bearing and clutch, but he had some questions about the clutch and wasn't sure about it.
The one that was in wasn't that old and a Borg 'n' Beck.

He's got an new one from James Paddock (uprated), seems the clutch is a bit different then the borg 'n' beck one.
So does anyone know something about these clutches ?

(Top one is the 'old' clutch)

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The difference in the friction linings between the two clutches isn't a problem, probably just a manufacturer preference (the slotted faces may help vent gases given off by the lining if the clutch is slipped and gets too hot, just like slots in brake discs and pads do).
The original flat diaphragm spring fingers would have required a rounded face on the release bearing. The new diaphragm spring is rounded on the ends so should have a flat faced release bearing.
That's my understanding of clutches anyway.

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