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Unusual oil cooler?


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A most interesting idea!     A problem for enclosed air intakes is stalling.    A radiator can pass a maximum flow of air;  any more flow into the intake just builds up as excess pressure.      The one above has an intake much smaller than the frontal, so that situation is unlikely to occur.  However, as it's inside the engine bay, the air flow around it will be A/chaotic, undirectional and B/Hot, for the water radiator.  I fear it will be useless a heat exchanger.

Mne is mounted beelow the water radiator, behind the fornt valence, which I've remodelled to form an intake channel, augmented by a loer lip, behind the antiroll bar.    Air exits behind, where a further alloy panel excludes the flow from the engine compartment, so that it goes back into the (relatively) low pressure under-car air flow.

Marcus, I suspect that most airflow through yours will already be hot from the water radiator, and chaotic/turbulent, so that flow through the vanes will be low.

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