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Highs , Lows and oil slicks


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After a weekend of hard work I have achieved the following, the electric fan works a treat. I have used two motorcycle fans like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENU.....?hash=item33bb903b9f they fit side by side and covert the rear of a herald radiator. An M22 boss with 89/78 temp sensor works a treat to turns the fans on and 40 seconds later fan off. This runs off a 15amp fuse.

Today I got another 12 months of MOT brilliant, one advisory oil leak from back of car... hmm that's odd hadn't noticed anything on garage floor. I went home and checked no nothing left there from the morning. Parked the car up and fiddled with carb and timing as fitted a lumenition magnetronic mtk003 at the weekend.

Then noticed a puddle of oil at the rear of the engine. When I had the engine out i replaced rear and front oil seals and all the gaskets. I found the oil running down from the engine side of back plate , and having checked the engine oil at the weekend i noticed a large drop, thankfully not under minimum though. So the oil is from the engine. I figure this is the rear engine oil seal? It has only done just over 600 miles though and some idling time...  Any thoughts please.

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Could be a groove in the back of the crankshaft. Basically where the rear crank oil seal meets the crank it gradually wears a groove in the metal which means it won't seal anymore. I've had the same problem myself. Others have solved the issue using a "Speedi-sleeve" which is a cylinder of very thin stainless steel with a very tight interference fit that you tap onto the crank with a hammer, purposely designed to solve these exact issues They cost about £30 on eBay, but of course it's a gearbox out job to access it...

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