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Oil Breather - Vitesse Mk2


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Hi All

I wonder if anyone could help me, I have recently purchased a Vitesse. It is running fine however I am not sure that the oil breather is the correct set up. It is a 1970 MK2 with twin SU's, the breather comes off the engine into the little breather funnel and then onto the centre of the manifold. The SU's have the twin breather connections, these are blanked off with a bit of hose and bolts in them (a bit of an eyesore!). My thought is that the funnel breather set up was for cars with strombergs, and that with twin SU's it should come off the engine to a t point with a hose to each carb. Does anyone know?

Any help much appreciated.


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You are correct the breather you describe was for the Strombergs which would have been on your car originally,i have HS6 SU`s on mine but did away with the breather and vented it into a catch tank+filter.

Top tip:if you have seen an Automec brake pipe kit,the yellow caps on the pipes when delivered are perfect for blanking of the carb vents.

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I'd hang onto the "flying saucer" (funnel) as it is a proper PCV valve, which works well - much better than the SU vents.  Either blank off the SU vent points or just connect the two together with a short length of hose.

Wish I could remember what I did with the flying saucer I took off mine (years ago before I knew better) as I'd like to refit it.


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