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oil cooler position?


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I'm also fitting an oil cooler.

My first instinct was to place it between the radiator and front valance, however I don't want to impair airflow to the rad. So my second option is to fit it between the  the rad and bottom pulley. (no fan as Kenlowe pusher fan fitted nose side)

I'd also contemplated fitting it across the edge of the battery tray to the nearside inner nose area. Which would give it maximum protection over rough ground.

Any ideas/pictures gratefully received.

Many thanks

All the best


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Oil cooler.  Why?
Have you measured your oil temperature?
It should be about water boiling point.

There are few indications to fit cooler, IMHO:
Towing heavy trailer
Very hot climate.
Er, that's it.

In road driving, a plain cooler will make your oil too cold
A thermostated cooler will almost never circulate through the radiator, so why bother?


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Thanks for the info guys. Seems to work almost anywhere!

I'll experiment in different positions and see what looks best. I'd also thought of fitting it to the inside of the sump guard (a slab of checker board) with a couple of rubber bushes sandwiched between... just incase the guard gets distorted... I could also cut three or four 2" holes through the guard just ahead of the oil cooler.

I really do think the oil cooler helps in keeping the oil pressure respectable under hot conditions, even on a road car. I fitted one to the TR4 and there is a definite increase of 5 to 10 lbs on tickover now runs at 30 tickover and 70 at 3000 rpm, even thrashing it to Italy and a weeks rallying in France.

Haven't got a clue what the oil temp is, but in practical terms it helps in keeping the oil pressure where it should be and that's reassuring half way up a swiss pass at max revs!

I am fitting a thermostatic valve to the 2000 so I'll report back on its performance.



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Richard_B wrote:
Hi John, going from Dazzer's signature;

Although he will need to protect it from rocks & stones. So I think behind the valance and grill.  ??)

Ah! So!,
Excuse my blindness!

I still think an oil temp guage is useful - I use a dipstick with a built in thermistor, and spare water temp gauge, wired through the volts stabiliser.  See pic (fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, shift light)

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