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Fitting an oil gauge


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I just thought i would share with you my experiance of fitting an oil pressure gauge.
Luckily for me there was already one fitted but it wasnt connected, from the photo you can see it was located to the right of the dash and looks quite fitting in that location. The dash was drilled but im not quite sure how the metal behind the dash was cut, or are they already pre-drilled?

To tap a feed from the engine i removed the oil pressure switch.
I fastened a t-piece i purchased from Rimmer Bros (RX1352) to the block, and inserted the oil pressure switch into the top. I then screwed in an oil gauge adapter, also purchased from Rimmers (143943) into the end of the t-piece.
Now to connect the assembly to the gauge i needed a decent tube and fittings with the correct connections on, after visiting various hydraulic places i took a risk and purchased a Mini oil gauge pipe from eBay. The hose is abit flimsy but ill put a braided steel shroud on it eventually.


This was then fastened onto the adapter in the t-piece - lucky for me it fit! The pipe was then passed into the bulkhead, and onto the gauge.

Job done!! My engine maintains around 80 lb at 2000rpm. Will get some better numbers when i take it for a spin tomorrow. Its getting too cold now!

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184 wrote:
ahhh, i see, so that hole - what is it for originally?

Yeh, ill certainly invest in a braided hose, but my local hydraulics place, and a few others - just didnt seem to stock the correct adapters  :(

can't speak for the Mk1, but on the Mk2 that's where our heater vent goes...maybe triumph was going to put thm on the Mk1 but changed their mind and just didn't drill the wood part of the dash...

Also in this pic you can see my temporary oil pressure gauge location (having a new dash made with space for four gauges)....hung under the glove box where the foot vent usually goes :)

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