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Good quality oil cooler


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Mocal (Think Automotive) make good Oil coolers. I think that is what most of the usual suppliers will supply to you. I would reccommend looking around for one with the thermostatic sandwich plate. Rubber hoses are fine but the braided hoses look more bling and give that feeling that they are more protected.

You need to make sure you get the right hose lengths and fittings hence they are available in kit form from the usual suppliers. Do please get the thermostat as this will allow the oil to warm up more quickly and prevent engine wear.

I have had mine for 6 years. I got a 13 row cooler. You might find a good deal on the bay and get hoses made up that are suitable lengths. I am sure someone will know the lengths and fittings needed.

Buying direct may save some pennies once you have a shopping list?

Cheers, Neil

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