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Oil Breather pipe modification?


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In relation to my previous posts concerning this pipe and modding it after fitting the spin on oil conversion. I wondered if it would make any difference if I reduced the pipe down to 15mm, instead of keeping it approx. 28mm pipe.

This would make it much easier for me to re-route as my spin on oil filer won;t sit below the oil pressure switch.

Any thoughts please as to effects it may have going from28mm to 15mm?

Many thanks.

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peterhlewis wrote:

I dont think its a good idea to reduce breathing.



I've cut my breather pipe now and will see what options I have later on.......the 28mm is bulky if I have to try and re-route if I can't get my filter angle like yours...... 22mm may help and it's only 6mm smaller than the 28mm...?

Thanks again Pete for answering my questions...you da man!

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can you rubber some of the route ??  

keeps bore area but allows a bit of squish an squash  where things are tight ??

on this old system the air enters the crankcase from this damn tube and vents outwards via the gauze filler cap

found the flow shown in an olde manual schematic. must try to find it .   not sure about the physics of how this works out .....,, if the engine is stuffed then I guess you pump smoke out of both    Ha!

Im not happy with the breather tube size on the ally RCover and thats ' going to be improved' as the filler cap is sealedas this was designed for the vacuumed breather of later models.

its on a to do list ....


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I've just modded mine, not quite the same as yours Pete, as i found i could get it down the side of the spin on oil conversion block and the bottom  of the pipe sits just above the chassis member. Will post pictures of it once fitted too.

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