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oil tight engine and gearbox


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Just taken out my 2lt engine to fit a 2.5 and noticed that the engine and box has a few minor oil leaks (more weeping than leaks). Engine and box were recoditioned about 5 years ago and have done 5000 miles Does any body have a oil leak free engine and box and is it possible to achieve this. Am I being too fussy and expecting too much from 40 year old components.

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Weeping is normal.

Oil tight can be acheived eventually with a bit of effort.

Engine front and rear oil seals leak, replacing usually cures, they need careful alignment but not rocket science.

Sump leaks if alloy block is damaged. Same with timing cover.

There will usually be a leak down the back of the block, it comes from the oil feed to the rockers where it passes through the head gasket. Smear of sealant round the hole in the gasket when the head is refitted helps.

Rocker cover gasket needs careful positioning to ensure no leaks.

Odd leaks round distributor pedestal if gasket not 100%.

Will leak round oil filter, better with a remote one, but seals on them get damaged.

Gearbox will leak from rear seal, and front seal, especially if parked on an incline.

New seals will help. Make sure breather is clear.

Front of diff seal will leak, replacement cures. Make sure breather is clear or it will leak all over.



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I've never had a completely oil-tight engine in any car I've ever owned! I suppose it must be possible, but I just tend to live with the slight leak. Anything more than a spot or two though, and I think I'd be tempted to investigate.
I see it as a good rust preventative! ;D

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Thanks for your replys. I  was manly concerned about the gear box as mine is leaking at the front oil seal which I have put down to a worn spigot bush in the crank. There is a lot of play on the input shaft with the old bush. It is also leaking from the rear of the overdrive out put shaft but I am not sure if it is coming from the speedo angle output. These where all new oil seals when the gearbox was a reconditioned unit. The overdrive was ok and I just replaced the oil seals.

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