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Quick question about Valve Stem Oil Seals


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I'm about to re-assemble my 13/60's head. I've only just learned that valve stem oil seals weren't fitted to the engine originally, and that when fitted they only go on the inlets. However, I removed eight of them when I took the thing apart...

I'm wondering if there was a reason someone fitted them on the exhausts too. The valves are in good condition and so are the guides. If I only install seals on the inlets, will I come to regret it later?

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Triumph didn't originally fit any seals at all.  In fact, unless you have one of the external rocker feeds fitted you are never going to loose significant amounts of oil down the valve guides.

That said, there is some benefit to putting seals on the inlets as it helps reduce the formation of carbon deposits on the back of the inlet valve that might obstruct flow.  

No real reason to put them on the exhaust guides - some would even say it increases the chance of the valve sticking in the guide.

Do your guides have groove machined into the tops to retain seals or were they the Ford Pinto type that just bash on?



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