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gearbox oil capacity


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perhaps we should do a jeopardy type thing, where the answer comes before the question?

But for now, here is the answer to my above question:

TR6 Gearbox/manual Transmission with J-type overdrive
= 2.6 pints (UK) equates to 3.04 pints (US).

as this is what my car is fitted with...as well as the following:

Vitesse Differential = 1 pint (UK) = 1.17 pints (US)

Vitesse Mk.2 Engine = 8 pints (UK) = 9.36 pints (US)

The reason that I am checking these figures is that I am ordering some oils suitable for my gearbox/differential and engine, and need to know the totals that I need to order, plus some for topping up.

thanks again


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