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Just tried to order a refurb kit for the wifes carb from Canleys and there seems to be more than one type of solex,it's on a 1964 herald 1200
Basicly petrol is pissing out of the accelerator pump every time the throttle is pushed so I need a new pump diaphragm
So what carb is this

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The picture shows a B30PSE1; the earlier "ZIC" carbs didn't have the accelerator pump. There are also two "flavors" of B30PSE1 -- early and late, with some minor detail differences. But I think they both take at least the same diaphragm and probably most other bits.

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I was going to do a thorough clean of the carb and replace the gaskets on it. The accelerator pump isn't leaking on this one, so if the other gaskets are the same maybe I'll get away with that.

I could write a book about this Herald Dave,  It isn't mine it belongs to my friend. It came to me in November to have the clutch hydraulics addressed, and it hasn't left! I've done nearly everything on it now other than respray and re trim it!

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