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I know this subject has probably been covered a hundred times. So sorry if go over the subject again
I am going to refurbish my carbs getting a kit from Paddocks tomorrow.
How hard is it to do?
I've heard people going on about inexperienced people not getting the needle centered but as far as I can tell the needle fits into a hole and is held by a grub screw.
I stripped down the left hand card ready for an ultrasonic bath unfortunately the choke setup is different from the right hand carb. I’m in for a world of pain I think.


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I've got Stromberg 150CDs on my 1600 Vitesse. Git my refurb kit from southern carburettors. The only thing I didn't do were the butterfly valves, but did change the spindles. All good n not too difficult to do. Take pics as you go along if your unsure what goes where.

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Centering the jets on Stromberg CD type carburetors is not difficult if  using a new aluminium washer and being careful and gentle.
Fully tightening the jet crushes this washer to a degree, resulting in its surfaces no longer being smooth and even. If tightened fully in the wrong position it will tend to move the jet when trying to tighten the jet in the correct position.
This can be very frustrating, so make sure everything is correct before the final tightening.

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rather than copy all this out here's a link to all the clues you will ever need

  Birchy, there are some good photos on the buckeye site , ignor different models the principles are the same


centralising the jet on early constant depression  carbs is same for for SU or Stromberg

but if staring from rebuild , on a fixed needle carb.   and you have checked the  diaphragm & lugs are  all located OK, the piston slides OK ,  raise the jet adjuster to make the top of the jet level with the bridge /jet holder undo the big jet holder nut two flats

ensure  piston is right down,  tap the jet holder lightly ( tap with your spanner ) and nip it up .
now check the air piston falls and lands with a clunk.
if ti doesnt repeat above.

its normal for only one carb to have a choke ( if thats a starting valve, with a tube to give excess fuel to the other carb,

if you have the thames barrier device which lifts the air piston and blocks the throat then you have two of the same (similar)


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