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Basic mixture screw setting on the B30 Solex carb

MR 1200

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Can anyone help please?

My herald won't run after adjusting the carb using the mixture screw, gunson played up. Is there a basic mixture screw setting on the B30 Solex carburetor just to get it running again?

The carb is fairly new and the engine has done around 50,000 miles


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the mixture screw only controls the idle mixture if you open the throttle it should start
and run at a fast idle ,  
set the idle screw  to just touch the throttle lever,turn it in 1.5 turns
screw the mixture screw in till it just stops,back it out 2 turns   is a good starting point
if if wont idle there is the slow running jet screwed into the back face  has hex and slotted head, with 45 stamped on it    take it out and carefully clean the 0.45 small jet hole .screw it back tight .

set idle to 500 rpm  (quite slow)  unscrew mixture screw till it hunts then screw in to give a best idle , slow the idle down again if this speeds thing up,re adjust the mixture again

and put a workshop manual on your Christmas wish list ,  always useful
Tssc shop and others sell originals as books or CDroms  

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