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Clutch and brake rubber boots


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16 minutes ago, Dannyb said:

I find it impossible to get the rubber boots to fit

Do they slot into the bulkhead, but seal badly, or not fit in at all? I soaked my boots in hot water, and they fitted more easily. 

In terms of sealing, in several places I've run a thin bead of black silicone RTV sealant around the grommet/seal/boot etc to keep it in place. Has worked well so far. 

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I think I have finally cracked it. I used some 5mm neoprene I had and made gaskets glued to the bulkhead. I then cut the lip off the rubber boot covers which were torn while trying  to locate the boot with screwdrivers. This gave a nice flat serface. I then stuck the boot to the gaskets with silicon. 

They are now well secured and water tight. It also allows a little more room for the adjustable rods which have larger ends which used to move the boots. 




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I think its another case of pattern parts not being the same as the originals either in shape or the flexibility of the rubber (theyre more like plastic now). Other than what youve done the only possibility I can think of is to modify the holes in the shelf until the lips of the gaiters clip in as intended... 

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