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Choke cable fitting.


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My choke cable snapped yesterday at the back of the knob (cue the knob gags :)) and I can get a superseeded one from Rimmers but the warning light won't work anymore.

Has anyone got round this before by just fitting the inner cable? I'm not familiar with how the lamp is triggered and don't have the manual here at work with me.(maybe I should get a second manual to keep at work!)

Also how hard is it to fit, is it a console/parcel shelf strip out, or just push the inner cable down the old outer cable?

Cheers Colin

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The light is triggered by a little micro switch screwed to the outer sheath just behind the dash.

There is a dip in the solid part of the inner cable that pushes against the switch, or not depending on whether it is in or out.

Changing the whole cable ought to be easy.



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Thanks Colin, I picked up a couple of complete cables at Triumphland on Saturday and fitted just an inner one yesterday, not too difficult with an assistant wiggling the outer cable from under the bonnet, just push through from in the car.
Now have two spare outer cables with micro switches and one inner cable (that'll never go again then!) :) :).


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