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1500 clutch won't disengage


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Been getting steadily worse but as Joe is 17 he didn't really notice. I drove it for the 1st time in months and thought, wow - this won't last much longer.

Swift investigation suggested master cylinder leaking with low level and clear signs of leakage, so today I fitted new seals and bled it through. No better and the pedal had too much free travel where the clevis pin was worn and so too were the holes in the pedal and the master cyclinder fork.

Aha I thought, so I drilled them out to 3/8" and fitted and old propshaft bolt until I can source something better. no play now, a lovely feel to the pedal but if anything worse drag that when I started. I hate days like these.....

So, the pedal feels great so the slave (refurbed not long ago) the linkages and the pressure plate seem to be in order. It seems like the friction plate is trapped somehow.

Any ideas? I have left the pedal wedged down overnight without much hope of improvement, but worth a bash.



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Is the clutch arm pin still in place on the other side of the bell-housing? My old spitfire lost this pin (they can drop out rather easy it appears), and can cause interesting problems with the clutch!

Will be an engine out job if it is, and I would suggest ordering a better version from Chic Doig, his have a head on the top to stop them falling though.

Might not be the problem, but the work you have done so far is almost identical to what I did at the time, took a while to get to the bottom of that one........

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I could be  the slave not pushed forward enough. In fact I elongated the cutout on the side of the slave to give it a little bit more movement forward.
While you have the gearbox out it's worth renewing the two top hat bushes and serrated bush and pin for what they cost.

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Make sure the clutch disk moves freely on the gearbox first motion shaft. Any binding on the splines might cause it to drag against either the flywheel or the clutch cover.
                                                                                                     Best of luck,

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Well, it's all back together with a new clutch plate and pressure plate and working fine.

While the 'box was out I took the opportunity to rebuild the overdrive with a new uni-directional clutch, as the original had been slipping and conical clutch too so as clutches go it's all new.

Drives beautifully now - happy days.

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