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Clutch help needed

Matt Neale

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I'm trying to sort out the clutch release arm. The whole set up was clogged up and not moving well. I have bought new a new tolerance ring and replaced one of the brass bushes that had broken off but i just can't get the thing to fit together.  

I seem am having to really drive the pivot pin into place.  I imagine that the purpose of the tolerance ring is to fix it firmly in place but by the time I have got the pin through and into the brass bush the whole system seizes up worse than before.

I'm not sure I understand the set up.  Should the pin be free to move in the bushes.  If this is the case I need a pin with a smaller diameter as the fit is too tight.  Or, should the release arm be moving via the bushes rotating in the bell housing?

I'm not sure I've explained this very well.  I've attached some photos to show the damage I'm causing to the pivot pin driving it through the ring and bush.

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