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The Return of the Log update!

Darren Sharp

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As you can see below The Log or Amy my 1978 Dolly 1500 has had some work around its snout ! Nick is still beavering away and hopefully I’ll have more news and pics soon . In other matters I’ve found a brand new old stock correct front badge for his year and May treat myself to a remanufactured rear 1500HL badge . I’ve found a lovely set of MGZS all black leather seats . The fronts bolt straight in and the rears will need some fettling and I’ll let you know how I get on in due course . It’s been almost a year since I put the new wheels on and I’ve hardly driven the car . I’ve sourced a replacement engine which came from a known source and is reputed to have covered just 29000 miles ! This will be carefully inspected and if as good as it sounds Happy days! 




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I wonder if no liner and religious cleaning of the mud traps would be better?

We now know where the rot starts, they didn't when launched.

I know they tried little covers, but don't they just trap the mud as badly? 

And you have to make the effort to remove the coversto clean behind them.

perhaps glueing in a liner so there isn't no way anything can get past it might work?

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11 hours ago, Darren Sharp said:

Hi Sam , don’t know if I mentioned it but my restorer Nick is going to attempt to fashion a complete inner plastic wheel arch for my Dolly I’ll keep you posted ! 

I wondered about a similar idea, but got caught it the "will it prevent rot, or just move the point at which damp/muck gathers" debate and never moved on. Interested to see what happens.


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My ongoing dolly project is a 1980, but the mud guards for the light area seem to have worked well. No rot at all abover the headlights, though t eheadlight area itself had suffered. I "think" the wings are original, along with the front panels. Seen a bit of action over the years, a few dents and odd shapes when you look carefully.

A full platic arch repurposed from a modern car would be a good idea, I wonder if it has been done? (I can see some googling coming on)

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35 minutes ago, yorkshire_spam said:

or just move the point at which damp/muck gathers

As long as it moves the muck collection point to the surface of the plastic, that's all you need. The problems with the various bits of plastic Triumph tried were more to do with either not being well enough secured (and thus rubbing the paint off) or having exposed edges that could gather water behind them.

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