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EWP & Alternator relocation?

Richard B

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Anyone got any piccies of an Electric Water Pump installation in a Stag?

As you can guess I'm going for where the Alternator is sited, so I also want a piccy of the Alternator relocation to the N/S.

Or am I going to have to spend valuable beer tokens buying a Alternator mounting kit?  :)

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Oh well 7 Days, 58 views, no replies.

This is sad, answering my own thread :)

There is supposed to be an article in the SOC magazine a while back.
HRS used to make an Alternator relocation kit, but don't at present.
E.J. Ward supply an EWP package for the Stag including an Alternator relocation kit. They came to the same conclusion as me, that this was the best position for the pump.

by by beer tokens sob sob :)

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