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Canleys CV Conversion — Herald 1200


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I’m looking at converting my Herald 1200 to a rotoflex set-up, using Canleys CV driveshafts. 

I already have all of the rotoflex components as well as the CV driveshafts.


My car has the original 4.11 differential fitted. I believe the CV driveshaft flanges have a larger PCD than the output flanges on my differential. 

Can anybody confirm if this is correct, and, if so, what parts do I need in order to fit the CV driveshafts to my 4.11 diff?




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Do they have CVs at both ends or are they standard UJs on the inner end? If the latter, you should be able to swap the flanges from your existing shafts.

Alternatively, if your diff is a late one (all 13/60s were 'late' but not all 1200s) it has the same splines as the Mk4 / 1500 Spitfire, so you can swap in the stub shafts from one of those, which has the larger flanges. I think they're also the same as GT6 and Vitesse ones.

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The driveshafts have CVs at both ends.


My car is a 1969 Herald 1200.

There are items on the car that suggest it was built towards the end of production (as opposed to just being registered late).

However, I'm not sure whether the diff itself is early or late. What do I need to check to verify which diff I have?

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Thanks Clive.

If I do have a "Type B" differential does that mean the CV driveshafts will be a direct fit?

Or does it just mean that my current differential is compatible with the larger quarter shafts from the later differentials (which I would then need to acquire and fit in place of my current quarter shafts)?

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Perfect. Thanks Guys.

I've just been reading that the Herald diffs had weaker pinion bearings than the other diffs.

Is this anything to be concerned about?


Should I buy a later diff and fit 4.11 internals, or will my diff be sufficient once the quarter shafts have been changed?


Engine is original 1147, but is currently being worked-over as much as possible whilst still keeping it drivable on the street.

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