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triumph 1500 engine

pete nettleton

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As above, yes, but if sourced from a herald or spitfire it will need the sump swapping, possibly the oil pump? But nothing difficult  and gives you the chance to check the sump is clean, and have a look at the crank bearings.

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As said above, Dolomite and Toledo engines are fully interchangeable, Spitfire has a different sump. However, the 1500 may not mate with the Toledo gearbox as the input splines are different. The Toledo clutch won't fit the 1500 flywheel and the Toledo flywheel won't fit the 1500 crank. All of these are work-around-able, though:

- Toledo flywheel on 1500 crank requires the four bolt holes reamed out from 3/8" to 7/16"

- There is a clutch driven plate that fits between a 1500 clutch housing and the Toledo gearbox - I think it's 1500FWD

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thanks for info to much hassle i will try to get 1300 toledo engine.i am only changing engine cos the car overheated and i changed headgasket now car dosent run propley and blows smoke rings out of exhaust on tickover so dont know if engine has been damaged or i have done something wrong

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