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TR7 Brake upgrade


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Hello all. I am fitting a brake upgrade to my TR7 I have found some SD1 vittesse calipers which rimmers base their upgrade kit on . Now I could purchase there vented discs but they are Pricey and I suspect they have the rimmer mark up. Anyone any idea what discs they are

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On 13/07/2022 at 21:34, Beans said:

Tricky one. Many years ago I read that with the SD1 Vitesse calipers you needed Toyota Supra discs.
But as I use a different set up up on my cars I haven't got a clue what other work is required (spacer, redrilling etc.)

I think a 5mm spacer is required


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1 hour ago, Matt306 said:

Also the sd1 calipers have three bleed nipples how does that work

Are they actually three bleed nipples or should two of them be a link pipe? Some larger BL cars of the day had four-pot calipers plumbed with two hoses to both circuits of the brake system. The idea was that a loss of fluid in one circuit would take out only one rear, leaving both front wheels with brakes, albeit at reduced efficiency as each was only using half the caliper. Since the TR7 doesn't have the plumbing for that, the conversion needs to couple the two independent halves of the caliper by feeding one half from the bleed nipple port of the other.

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