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Insuring kids on a Triumph


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Hoefully not too tricky, as both over 25 with their own cars, clean licences etc. But both are under 30 which is the magic age for classic car insurance.

Anybody got experience of getting their kids insured as named drivers? It will be an unmodified car. 


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Last time I checked (about this time last year):
Peter Best the critical age was 25, above that they could be added as "normal" drivers, below that they wouldn't cover at all.
RH Insurance and Footman James didn't respond to my enquiry

Some insurers would cover 21-25 year olds but only if accompanied by another (older) driver. (I'll see if I can find out who, one was classiclineinsurance.co.uk, they were very helpful)

My current insurer is Peter James, I think their age limit is 25+, but I've just noticed on my policy document it gives the excess in tiers based on driver age (might be irrelevant boiler-plate?) 


Under 21 £250
21 to 24 £150
25 or over and has held a full licence for less than 12 months,
or holds a provisional licence, or holds a licence issued by
a country outside the European Union. £100


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Had the same problem getting cover for Katy on the 2021 RBRR.

No one wanted to know.

However, insurance companies operate in strange ways.

Turns out Adrian Flux would insure a 23 year old if she was the main driver of the Spitfire and I could be added as an additional driver.

The cost was very, very reasonable too.

Works for me.


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