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You want 101 (lucas points) and a distributor doctor condenser and rotor arm. Just keep changing the points after that.

You could just replace the condenser with the cheap aftermarket lucas and the same with the rotor arm but reliability is very patchy whereas the same items from Diz Doctor are bullet proof.

Points will want changing reasonably regularly so go for the lucas aftermarket stuff just remember to crimp the tension spring in slightly where it forms around the location/ terminal post has they are sometimes not pulled in far enough and will possibly earth on the head of the points screw… its only a slight adjustment but worth noting.


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Cheers Dazzer,
                     so it's a 21D , I'll order some new bits

     Just looking on mr witors site, it only lists   25D or 45D no mention of a 21 !
The 25 looks like it could be mine as the cap has a dome top

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Hello Dave,

if you look at your first picture you can see a small raised rectangular bit on the base. There is a  5 or 6 digit number stamped there, that is the distributor specification (as opposed to type i.e. 25D6). Check that is the same as listed in the workshop manual for your engine.


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