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Metal nibbler


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18 hours ago, Craig said:

Can anyone recommend a metal nibbler? I'm considering the Sealey SNA9821. Has anyone used it, is it any good, or would you suggest something else?


I've had two very similar looking tools, both made in the country that gave us the plague and not branded Sealey. The first was OK for a while then the blue 'hardened'(?) tip snapped cutting flat steel (car bodywork). I got a second to have as an if needed tool, that seized the first time I used it, it probably needs internal adjustment.

I resorted to an angle grinder. So, to answer your question, I doubt one of these would cut your corrugated sheeting. 

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12 hours ago, Craig said:

I will see if my local Lidl has them. 

I am going to try cutting 1mm thick wriggly tin sheets. I was going to go with a 1mm cutting disc in my angle grinder, but that scares the bejesus out of me, as some of the cuts are 2 metres in length.


Angle grinder, 1mm plasma cutter disc, goggles, ear protectors. - no problem



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I used my circular saw to do a 5m straight cut on my carport. It does throw out small chunks of very hot metal, makes a fair old noise but works brilliantly. Nice clean cut. Just support the sheeting along the cut. 

Multi material blades are available in lots of sizes.

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