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Ignition LT Circuit - Current?


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Hi all,
Can anyone tell me what current runs through the ignition LT curcuit?

I've found a split in one of the wires coming out the LT side of the coil but can't find anything on the current running through that circuit to pick the correct wire size.

Anyone know?


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Not much. Only around 2-4 amps.

If the system has a ballast resistor then the resistance of that will be about 3 ohms and the same for the coil, so a total of 6 ohms. If there's no ballast resistor then the coil resistance will be around 6 ohms.

Ohm's law is that V/R=I therefore 12V/6R = 2A when running (or no ballast) and 12V/3R = 4A when starting (with ballast). That's for while the contacts are closed.

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