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Great News! Derek is a fully qualified Guide Dog.

Tim Hunt

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Members will recall that our tremendous fund raising result for Guide Dogs on the 2016 Round Britain Reliability Run entitled us to choose names for two puppies, with the money going towards their breeding, care, training and development. We chose the name 'Derek' for one puppy, a black Labrador, in memory of our late and much missed President, Derek Pollock, who was a real enthusiast for the breed. Our second puppy is called 'Triumph'.

Derek is now 2 years and 3 months of age and I am delighted to report that having successfully completed all his intensive training he has been matched with a visually impaired gentleman who lives near Exeter, they have been together for about 3 months and all is going well. We have helped Guide Dogs to change the future of a person living with sight loss who is, today, finding their horizons broadened as a result of Derek and we hope that Triumph will prove similarly successful in due course. 
For Derek and his new owner, the journey is only just beginning and we can look forward to receiving an anniversary update later this year celebrating Derek’s first twelve months as a working guide dog.  
Tim Hunt

Derek Framed WH.jpg

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Good point Colin. I hadn't thought of that, I will ask and, if not,  make sure he is informed. As you may know, Sean Dilley, the inspirational speaker we enjoyed at the 2017 Dinner, is currently without a guide dog, his faithful companion black Labrador Sam having been retired. He is looking at a long wait for a replacement and his story has been featured recently on morning television.

I suggested to my contact at Guide Dogs that it would be wonderfully appropriate if Sean could be partnered with Derek, but there were many considerations and it was not to be unfortunately.



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