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carpet dry run to check colour scheme


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I have opted not to put black interior back in the spit - will not please some.
I wanted something a little bit brighter and bought seat covers and interior trim incl carpet and white soft-top cover via fleabay for good price. Not everyone will like it but I would like to know what members think of the colours.

Dry run with beige carpet with wine piping to match seat covers:

What do you think  ??) Be kind...

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Scott, cripes, it looks a little uneasy in combination, at the moment....
You'll have white seat covers with wine piping as well? Well, it won't be boring!
A couple of things:
- I'm about to put my white soft-top cover on ebay 'cos it was SUCH a pain in the backside to try and keep it even slightly clean, (but of course please yourself), and:
- when you put the seats in "properly" you'll be amazed at how much carpet colour disappears, and the white takes over, so if you're thinking that's a problem don't worry about it.
My tuppence - now get on with it and judge it when it's done!
The interior of mine's completely black and white. It's similarly, um, eccentric.  :)

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hi smithy

Yeah - I know. Doesn't look great on those pics but much better in the flesh. Have matching door cards in cream/white but am goint to get them redone with the wine colour on bottom.

Not sure what colour to do dash in creme/white or wine red to match. Dont think the black will look right now.
The colours are a nice contrast with the blue paint - although some will disagree i'm sure.


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smithy wrote:
What colour cheeky bits, armrest (got one?) and etc. by the way? Going to go the whole hog and white it?  ;D
I did my rear arches in white and it looked a bit like a bath tub.....

sorry I forgot armrest and knee pads. Got them in same creme/white. Bought all as job lot.
The wine looks good against it.

Might do rear arches in wine to break it up a bit. Dont want to tempt fate if it will look like a bath tub :)

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