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Vitesse Bonnet Grill


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Yesterday I temporarily fitted the bonnet to my Vitesse 6 mainly as a way of storing it out of harm.
I noticed when I tried to close it the metal angle the panel beater had welded in across the bottom of the grill aperture was to deep and kept hitting the radiator.
Today I removed the bonnet and cut the base of the angle down so it was the same width as the remaining original metal work on this part of the bonnet. Whilst doing this I also noticed they hadn't welded the broken tags that hold whats left of the original strengthener that runs across this part. I cleaned the paint back to bare metal and struck up the mig and reattached these broken parts correctly mating each part with its mate by using wedges etc.
My question then is to do with this metal that the bottom of the grill fixes to.
Is it in basically a straight line or does it match the curve of the top of the grill aperture?
At present mine is roughly a straight across the bottom.
Hopefully there is photo with this, the green part is the base of the grill opening.


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Sorry dont remember,but  the grill is close to touching the radiator frame
Has the grill side surrounds on the bonnet been pushed rearwards , you know the underider covers the height and front rear sliding link
adjustments,  and the  slots in these should be uppermost and be clamped by the fixings and bonnet pivot bolt in  the single hole


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Me again.
I finally got to my spare bonnet to have a look at it today.
Yes the bottom of the grill aperture is curved to match the top of the opening.
Looks like I will have to get a length of U channel made 16mm wide by 12mm deep and the right length then slowly curve it to suit.
I did think about cutting the section out of the spare bonnet but it has rust and I am over robbing parts from one car project (or bonnet) to fix another.


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