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Rear Brake pipe route!


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Please can anyone post a photo or description of the route that the rear pipe takes across the back of the axel area! As  I have managed to file my original part in the Bin and cannot find my reference photo. Note to New Restorers “Clearly label your original parts and keep them safe!


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Adrian you have got it got it just about correct. The 3 way union is bolted to a clip on the chassis. The pipe across the car is pressed against the top of the chassis cross rail  bending it around/across between the two upright. Then to another bracket on the off-side that takes both the flexible pipe (bolted to the bracket with the lock nut), then the rigid pipe is run onto the end of the flexible pipe(s).

As the cross pipe is a short run I don't think it is/was ever clipped to the chassis because it is protected 'within' the chassis.

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