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Replacement hood/frame combined: ropey rear deck.


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The time has come for me to finally get a second hand replacement hood/hoodframe (one unit already combined...) on my late '64 1200.....the rear deck is going to need some remedial work (read bodging! ) as the car needs to be on the road (the MOT has lapsed & I am about to replace a wiper wheelbox which is the first consideration...)

My questions are: what are the rear fastenings for the hood to the rear-deck (my car seems to have an assortment...) & is there any on ebay, for example, &, what is the best way of temporarily strengthening the rear deck once the paint has been ground down? I had been thinking of skimming it in GRP resin & then rollering some 'Rustoleum' paint, that I have, onto it.  

Thanks very much, in advance for any help, advice, suggestions, links..........& even abuse!!.. >  

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Search triumph hood metal socket kit, don't know how to copy link on an IPad.

The rear deck is a common area to rot, my 13/60 had gone around the hood fastener holes and also inboard from the hinges, there is a strengthening panel under the area which has an anti vibration material between, this has been wet over a period of time and caused corrosion. The only way to strengthen it is to cut it out and weld new metal in. Any bodge isn't going to last any period of time and with water getting in will only cause problems in other areas. I don't think you can get a new rear deck panel.

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A very belated thanks for your reply! She hasn't had a hood on for ages being parked at night fully open - now critical that I fit it so will see if I can get a fixing kit - sunken head screw/bolts with nuts & washers......plus, of course, the sprung washer thingies that allow the hoodcover (& tonneau if there is one...) to clip into place. Have seen rivets used but that is not an option in this case!   

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