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Hood fitting advise please


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Hi all.

I have recently ordered a new soft top in vinyl for my Vitesse and am seeking advise as to the best way of fitting it having heard numerous tales of woe from people who have done it with other marques.

I've got the restoration manual published by Haynes that covers it, but any help regarding points to look out for, tricks of the trade, types of glue to use etc would be apprieciated.



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I've done it before on other cars, and I've got one sitting waiting for me to get round to fitting it to the Vitesse.

The Haynes book basically covers it, but based on my past experiences, I'd say follow the old carpenters adage of measure twice, cut once, but change it to measure lots of times then cut once........and pick a good day: today would be good, as it's not too hot or too cold, and try and do it either in the shade or when it's overcast as the black vinyl really soaks up the heat quickly.

Also make sure you have all the tools you need- riveter/rivets, good scissors, new pack of stanley blades, bit of chalk or roll of masking tape for marking,etc.

An extra pair of hands is REALLY useful as well- it makes it a million times easier. As to glue, I've always used evo-stick, the traditional brown variety favoured by sniffers!!

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