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95/97/99 or additive?


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Just got myself a 1971 herald 13/60 cabby and was wondering what you chaps think about the need for higher octain/ lead additive? Also when E5 becomes E10 will the need be increased?

I'm assuming my head has not been re valve seated! Did many engines have this done in the noughties I wonder?

Must try to contact previous owners to get history. 

I also know she has a recon engine only 26k miles ago but that was well over at least 16 years ago according to MoT site

showing 19k then so only 7k done since!

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The Herald engine is pretty un-stressed and tends to have a good "lead memory". It will most likely run happily for many years just putting standard ULG in the tank. The bigger problem is that the ethanol in modern fuel can attack some rubber hoses, especially if they were replaced with cheap stuff a few years back. The original 1970 rubber seems to be better quality. If you do need to replace any fuel hose, you need the Gates Barricade R9 rated - beware cheap fake R9 on eBay.

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