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split from Triumph Car Dealers

Tim Hunt

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Thanks Rob, I don't get a 'view image' option when I right click but note that if I 'save' the image and then look at it the lovely Renown lines are revealed. I did wonder if the ad had been distorted in some way but the accompanying script looked OK. It is also strange that the Toledo image hasn't been truncated in the same way.


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Text is a bit funny that way - squeeze it horizontally and your brain just thinks it's a bit smaller, unless you go really extreme. Old dot matrix printers used to pull that trick with the "courier" and "elite" (10 or 12 characters per inch) settings.

The forum has, in fact, squeezed the Toledo one also. The difference is that the original Toledo jpg is 565px wide, squeezed to 530px, whereas the Renown jpg is 1140px squeezed to 530px.

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