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Brake Shoe Adjuster


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The question is which bracket goes on what side.
I recently found that my adjusting brackets were installed back the front. The larger one in the photo for Brake Shoe Adjuster Kit - AAU8994 on Rimmers web site.

Now I think they may also be on the wrong side.
The retailers of these don't seem to know what goes where. My books don't cover it as they were a late in range feature.

They are marked with the numbers:-

3134-851 which is on the near side on my car and

3134-850 which is on the off side.

So! is this correct or were they back the front and arse about?
Any help appreciated.

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Hmm... the parts in question don't look like they're handed. I've certainly seen them installed backwards (on three of the four cars I've owned with those brakes) but I don't recall swapping side-to-side. As long as the ratchet teeth are correctly matched and the right way up then it should work.

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